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Premium-Single Plan

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Display the device information of the logged-in account, log out of unfamiliar devices to ensure information security

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With True Storage, experience the best in space-saving efficiency for your personal files. We excel in maximizing your digital storage.

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Integrated Reader

Experience the convenience of our all-encompassing reader, which brings a variety of formats to life, from ePubs to comics, within a single, streamlined application.

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Media Player

Stream and share your media collection with our advanced player, offering seamless playback and enriched features

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Cloud Downloading

FebBox's premium cloud downloading bypasses traditional limitations, allowing for instant access to files across any device, anytime, anywhere

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Cross-Device Compatibility

FebBox's robust cross-device compatibility ensures that your files sync harmoniously across phones, computers, TVs, and CarPlay.

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FebBox's collaboration tools are designed to streamline your workflow, allowing you to share, edit, and communicate effortlessly across any project or file type.

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Here are some key features of FebBox you’re getting.

Full Features

Large File Share

No limit on the size of shared files

Unlimited Space

You can increase the space by purchasing, that is no upper limit.


The team collaboration includes a series of practical functions such as file sharing, modification, and comments.

Multiple Access Management

A variety of permissions for the team collaboration function, including inviting friends, and modifying files/folders.

Powerful Media Player

Supports IMDb binding, toggle subtitles, external audio, etc.

Offline Files

Allows you to use files downloaded smoothly when the network condition is bad

Store Nearby

Multiple servers are deployed around the world to ensure transmission quality

File History

Save the changes to the file in case of misoperation

Recent News

FebBox development progress and other important news.

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May 07,2024 02:54

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TOPSPEED's FEBBOX Trademark Registration Faces Unfair Treatment

Mar 09,2024 18:54

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Mar 07,2024 02:04

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FebBox - A Platform for Content Creator

Mar 07,2024 00:43

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Teamwork Features

Multiple Ways to Share

Invitations can be made either by link or directly by ID/Email.

Covers All Types of Files/Folders

You can share all types of files (Unlimited size / type) and folders with your friends.

Multiple Permissions

We offer a variety of permissions for the team collaboration function, including inviting friends, and modifying files/folders. The owner can set separate permissions for each member.

Interaction & Communication

A powerful comment function is provided for all collaborative files/folders, where you can discuss as much as you like with your friends.


Interaction messages, document changes, and member changes can all be received in the first instance.

Powerful Player

We added very useful features to the players and the following is a comparison of the features of the player on each platform of FebBox.

Full Features

Features of Febbox, it will be updated with the version release.