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6 Months · Auto Renew



Premium-Family Plan

6 Months · Auto Renew


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You cannot add users who is a Premium user or family plan account


Display the device information of the logged-in account, log out of unfamiliar devices to ensure information security

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Limitations for free users?

The space limit is 100GB.

When watching online video, it can only be viewed in low definition.

I received a file shared to me by someone else, will it take up my space allowance?


Maximum file limit

no limit

What is a cloud download?

Cloud download is our special feature, through cloud download, you don't need to hang up for a long time to download BT files, and you will be notified when the download is ready for online playback.

The following protocols are supported: http(s), ftp, bt...

Febbox is a universal application, accessible and usable whether you're on a smartphone, computer, or TV.

Competitor Analysis: Dropbox

Compared to competitors like Dropbox, Febbox focuses on providing an integrated experience for file downloading and streaming. Specifically, Febbox offers a cloud downloading feature that Dropbox lacks.

Cloud Downloading: More Than Just a Feature

Legal Risk Mitigation

Febbox's cloud downloading feature acts on behalf of the user, helping to mitigate potential legal risks associated with downloading certain types of content.

Save on Electricity and Extend Hardware Lifespan

By using cloud downloading, you eliminate the need to keep your computer or other devices running for extended periods, thus saving on electricity and extending the lifespan of your hardware.

Instant Download Feature

If Febbox's servers have previously downloaded a particular software or file, you can achieve "instant download" without waiting.

Save Local Bandwidth

Cloud downloading can also save your local bandwidth. If the downloaded content is not what you wanted, you can delete it directly from the cloud.

Ideal for Areas with Expensive Data

This feature is particularly useful in regions or countries where mobile or broadband data is expensive.

Powerful Streaming Capabilities

Febbox uses powerful Nvidia graphics cards for real-time transcoding, allowing for smooth remote streaming on smartphones, computers, or TVs.

Pricing and Value

Febbox is not only feature-rich but also competitively priced, offering users excellent value for money

What is High Speed Traffic?

High Speed Traffic is traffic with no speed limit.

Due to operating costs and the principle of fair use, we will limit the traffic speed of free users.

Based on the principle of traffic fairness, we will limit the monthly high speed traffic for free users.

We will dynamically adjust our limits based on system load.

The monthly traffic reset time for free users is different for each user and is not a uniform natural month.

What happens to free users who exceed the monthly limit?

You can upload files as normal, but when downloading large files, the speed will be limited to 100KB/s. There is no limit on the speed of viewing small files such as photos. The limit can be lifted immediately by purchasing Premium.

After upgrade to Premium, the limit will be changed to daily, but the system will also automatically limit for abnormal traffic. The release of the limit will be on the next day instead of waiting for a month.

What is the maximum capacity I can purchase?

There is no limit, you can expand your maximum space by continuously purchasing additional storage capacity packages.