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If your issue is not addressed in our FAQs, please submit a ticket or reach out to us at [email protected]. To help us assist you better, if your inquiry is related to a subscription, kindly attach a screenshot along with your email or ID in your message. Our team will respond to your query as soon as possible.

What is High Speed Traffic?

In order to use our resources more fairly and reasonably, we have limited the download speed of free and paid users. To partially balance our operating expenses and thereby avoid possible misuse of resources.

What is High Speed Traffic?

High-Speed Traffic refers to traffic that is not subjected to any speed limit.

What is my traffic speed limit as a free user?
There is no speed limit for free users. However, free users have 100GB of high-speed traffic and resets every month. While premium users refresh every day.

What is Cloud Downloading?

Cloud download is our special feature. It is a service offered that allows users to save files directly to FebBox's servers, providing instant access to files without occupying storage space on personal devices. With cloud downloading, you no longer need to wait for a long time to download BT files as you will be notified when the download is ready for online playback.

Competitor Analysis: Dropbox
Compared to competitors like Dropbox, FebBox focuses on providing an integrated experience for file downloading and streaming. Specifically, FebBox offers a cloud downloading feature that Dropbox lacks.

Legal Risk Mitigation
FebBox's cloud downloading feature acts on behalf of the user, helping to mitigate potential legal risks associated with downloading certain types of content.

Save on Electricity and Extend Hardware Lifespan
By using cloud downloading, you eliminate the need to keep your computer or other devices running for extended periods, thus saving on electricity and extending the lifespan of your hardware.

Instant Download Feature
If FebBox's servers have previously downloaded a particular software or file, you can achieve "instant download" without waiting.

Save Local Bandwidth
Cloud downloading can also save your local bandwidth. If the downloaded content is not what you wanted, you can delete it directly from the cloud.

Ideal for Areas with Expensive Data
This feature is particularly useful in regions or countries where mobile or broadband data is expensive.

Powerful Streaming Capabilities
FebBox uses powerful Nvidia graphics cards for real-time transcoding, allowing for smooth remote streaming on smartphones, computers, or TVs.

Pricing and Value
FebBox is not only feature-rich but also competitively priced, offering users excellent value for money.
These summarize the benefits of cloud downloading, to learn more about our cloud downloading feature, click here.

Cloud Downloading

How do I manage my cloud downloads in FebBox?
Manage your cloud downloads in the 'Completed' folder in the 'Cloud Download' section.

Is there a limit to the size of the file I can download to the cloud in FebBox?
There is no size limit for files downloaded to the cloud.

How can I download a file directly to my cloud storage in FebBox?
To download a file directly to your cloud storage, click '+' > 'Cloud Download', select the files and directory, and click 'Download'.

File Sharing

Can I control who can edit or view the files I share in FebBox?
You can select who can edit or view the shared files before or after you create the file.

How can I track changes or edits made by collaborators in FebBox?
View edits or joiners in the shared folder in 'Activity.

Can I leave comments or communicate with my team within FebBox?
Yes, you can always click "comments" under the name of the file/folder to communicate with team members, you can also attach photos or mention someone

How do I share a file or folder with my team in FebBox?
To share a file or folder, go to 'Menu' > 'Share', enter an email address or create an invite link.

Does a file shared with me use up my storage space?
No, files shared with you do not reduce your storage limit, due to our implementation of a true storage technique.

Media Player

Can I create playlists for my favorite songs or videos in FebBox?
Upload multiple music files, and create a folder for them, and FebBox will automatically create a playlist.

What types of video and audio formats does FebBox support?
Supports MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MKV, WEBM for video, and MP3, AAC, WMA, and WAV for audio.

Can I watch videos or listen to music offline in FebBox?
Click 'More' > 'Make Available Offline' to watch videos or listen to music offline.

How do I find and watch a movie on FebBox?
Search for 'Showbox Media' on Google, select a movie, open it with FebBox, and save it in your folder.

Big File Transfer

Is there a size limit for file transfers in FebBox?
There is no size limit for file transfers.

What happens if my file transfer is interrupted? Can I resume the transfer?
If a file transfer is interrupted, the process will pause and resume later.

Can I transfer a folder with multiple files at once in FebBox?
Transfer a folder with multiple files at once via email or shared link.

How can I track the progress of a file transfer in FebBox?
Receivers will be notified when they receive a shared file.

Integrated Book Reader

How do I upload a comic or book to read in FebBox?
Browse and upload a comic or book from your device, FebBox supports comic mode.

What file formats are supported in FebBox's book reader?
Supports EPUB, PDF, MOBI, TXT, and HTML formats

Can I bookmark pages or highlight text in the book reader?
Bookmark pages or highlight text as with other book readers.

How can I find and open a book I previously read in the book reader?
Recent files are displayed first or search the file name to find a previously opened book.


What happens to my files if I cancel my premium plan and switch to the free plan?
When you switch to the free plan, your storage limit is reduced to 100GB. You'll still be able to access and download your existing files, but you won't be able to add new ones if your storage usage exceeds this limit. If you remain over this limit for 3 months, your files will be deleted. We recommend backing up important files to avoid any loss.

What happens to free users who exceed the monthly limit?
You can upload files as normal, but when downloading large files, the speed will be limited to 100KB/s. There is no limit on the speed of viewing small files such as photos. The limit can be lifted immediately by purchasing Premium.
After upgrading to Premium, the limit will be changed to daily, but the system will also automatically limit for abnormal traffic. The release of the limit will be on the next day instead of waiting for a month.

What is the maximum capacity I can purchase?
There is no limit, you can expand your maximum space by continuously purchasing additional storage capacity packages.

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How can I ensure the security of my FebBox account?

Your FebBox account's security relies on your Google or Apple account. Keep your FebBox account protected by securing your linked account with a strong password.

Delete Account?

You can access https://www.febbox.com/account/delete_account to Write-off.

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