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Premium-Single Plan

6 Months · Auto Renew


Add Members

You cannot add users who is a Premium user or family plan account


Display the device information of the logged-in account, log out of unfamiliar devices to ensure information security

Logged-in devices ()



More space and faster transmission

Choose The Best Plan



Free Plan

Basic features for light use.

$ 0/Year

What’s include

Complete sharing function: there are no restrictions on receiving or managing shared files, and you can join others' sharing without purchasing space in advance

Cloud reading: extract ePub documents online on demand without downloading the entire file

Full platform use: you can use all apps on mobile phones, computers, web pages and TV terminals

Intelligent audio player, supporting background playback and song list playback

Online streaming media playback, complete subtitle function

The unlimited traffic is limited to 100g per month, and the download speed of small files is not limited after exceeding it

Personal Plan

Ideal for personal user to storing, browsing and sharing files.

$ 2.20/Month

$ 26.39 / Year

What’s include

2 TB Basic Storage

Play Ultra HD Video Smoothly

Extra Space Available

Multi-account switching

Cloud Download

Hide File

Family Plan

Multi-person share VIP benefits and storage.

$ 2.99/Month

$ 35.99 / Year

All Single Plan features along with:

Up to 5 users share features*

* All members share the entire storage.